Finally, across town near the Ponte Veccio (the famous bridge over the Arno River) I find a store called Sonia Fortuna. I'd heard that they have great "young" clothing and I'm looking for a top for my Granddaughter who is turning 14 this month. I have fallen in love with a shirt that is NOT on sale. Now why does this feel familiar? I am a Grandma, I am in Florence, what can I do? I part with my 69 Euros. Wouldn't you?

Florence Weather

I'm too warm. I wish I wasn't wearing this sweater. You know...the one I bought just for this trip? In truth, the weather is wonderful this early September. It's a good time to be here since we're having a little bit of everything. Just right for an adventure!

We all welcome this downpour. Out come the laughter and the umbrellas, and my camera.

Rainy Day in Florence

The Partaking of Food

After my sister and I were in Europe in 1989, we shared with each other the journals we had written. The biggest difference between them was in the area of food - specific restaurants, what was eaten, how it tasted etc. Mine was bereft of details while hers brought back to life all the flavors of Italy, France and Switzerland. My shortcomings in this area shocked me, because I absolutely love to eat. In fact, I am often thinking about dinner by the end of lunch! Well, I haven't changed. I can tell you only that figs can taste better than I ever thought, that I had Ossobuco for dinner one night and it was delicious (but I had to look it up later to find out what kind of meat it actually is...braised veal shank) and that I had truffles for the very first time in a very yummy pasta dish. Also, I've become fond of prosciutto, the paper thin pieces of aged, salt-cured ham, and my appreciation for certain cheeses, especially Pecorino, sheep's milk cheese, is well established after two trips to Tuscany. And the wine is really, really good.

Here is a gift I can give those of you who will be traveling to Florence...the names and phone numbers of restaurants where the service and food are both of the highest quality:

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